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 Promod LIVE V2.10 EU

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PostSubject: Promod LIVE V2.10 EU   Promod LIVE V2.10 EU Icon_minitimeSat 11 Dec - 12:17:43

Promod LIVE V2.10 EU cheers
2010-12-10 <promod [at] codpromod.com>
#codpromod @ QuakeNet

Developers: Trivve & Ingram
Manager: abhi

Sponsored by FragNet

In association with Vita Nova
#Vita-Nova @ QuakeNet


LIVE V2.10:

- Game code optimizations which reduce the size of mod over 50% compared to V2.04
- Killspec mode. Commits suicide, releases current class spot and does not respawn the player before a class is selected again. Can be activated through quickmessage menu: B-4-4 or by console command openscriptmenu quickpromod killspec
- Moved game timer closer to the edge of the screen for shoutcasters
- Improved server integrity checks
- Defaulted "promod_mode" to strat when starting a new server from main menu
- Knife round. For match modes adds an extra round and ready-up mode, in public games it will be the first round of map. It can be toggled via knife keyword in promod_mode (for example match_mr10_knife) or dvar "promod_kniferound" in public games. Scorebot announces knife round via knife_round keyword
- Ready-up mode is more responsive
- Improved promod_mode, for use see below
- Increased dropped weapon disappearing time to 3 minutes
- Promod Commands and Promod Graphics menus can be accessed via openscriptmenu quickpromod controls / graphics respectively
- Added tactical timeouts for lan mode. It is possible to take unlimited amount of timeouts for unlimited time
- Improved strat mode
- Fixed public server weapons glitch
- Forced fs_game for match modes. If you don't know how to change fs_game setting, please contact your Game Server Provider
- Removed red enemy dots from large map
- Included with package: PunkBuster MD5Tool checks for main/iw_##.iwd files. This needs to be set up manually, see below
- Added echo command, which will display text only to yourself in game message box. Usage: openscriptmenu echo text_I_want_to_display - note that underscores are replaced with spaces. Works also with colors. However stacking two openscriptmenu commands to one bind will not work
- Shoutcasters can now choose who to follow using binds and even toggle players by their current class

Plus many other visual, non-gameplay related improvements.

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Promod LIVE V2.10 EU
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