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 Super Meat Boy

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PostSubject: Super Meat Boy   Super Meat Boy Icon_minitimeWed 15 Dec - 14:06:05

Well, the review for this game certainly validates everything I've been saying for a long time on this site; the best games are Indie right now. Creativity, clear mechanics, original ideas, and very surprising execution are coming from some dev houses that nobody has heard of. Over the past couple of years, I have been seeing more and more of these massive corporate blockbusters completely fail because they don't listen to their fans, they are pressed for time trying to release a half finished game of some mishmash we've already seen 20 times over. I could sit here and list out 20 Indie games that are a must-have purchase today, yet I cannot do the same for the big-hitters out there churning out stale products in unfinished states every 8 months. Another plus with Indie games is that you can usually watch the product grow and include player's suggestions through the beta process where you are directly chatting with the developers about features and mechanics. I would love to see Gamespot open up a bit more to the Indie scene as that is where the REAL gems have been coming from for some time now and people are getting disillusioned with what gaming is all about with all the disposable games on the market these days.

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Super Meat Boy
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