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 Windows 7 Loader v1.7.9 (x86 & x64)

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Windows 7 Loader v1.7.9 (x86 & x64) Empty
PostSubject: Windows 7 Loader v1.7.9 (x86 & x64)   Windows 7 Loader v1.7.9 (x86 & x64) Icon_minitimeMon 19 Apr - 8:44:36

Windows 7 Loader v1.7.9 (x86 & x64) 20upp4w
Windows 7 Loader v1.7.9 (x86 & x64)

* Can be run as a standalone, just move the executable to wherever you like
* Maintain your own list of serials, future or current (comes with allot of preset keys)
* Add your own certificates and SLICs
* Automatically finds an available drive letter (if required)
* Installer and uninstaller built in as standard
* Checks your Windows version and build before install
* Automatically finds your active boot partition
* Works on all languages
* Works alongside hidden partitions
* Works on Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008 editions
* Support for bios modded users
* Argument support for silent installs
* You can use this tool to activate your Windows 7/Vista ISO by editing setupcomplete.cmd
* Improves Windows 7 boot time on a Mac
* Encrypted SLIC support

* Encryption and randomization for your security
* Byte differences - Everyones GRLDR wont be byte for byte the same
* Profile matchups - SLIC, certificate and serial that best suits your system
* Arguments - Can be used to pre-activate your OS
* Uses custom error checking on near every function making the application much more reliable instead of spitting out files and failing
* Frankenbuild checking
* Integrity checking with useful info on screen so the user can verify it
* External Keys***i support for all OS versions
* External file support for both SLICs and certificates
* Newer GRLDR versions before other applications, thus a greater chance of a successful activation

In short this is now the only application based loader or loader period that has encryption and some randomization going on to help protect you from MS. And on top of that its using a much newer GRLDR with some bugs fixed


Windows 7 Loader v1.7.9 (x86 & x64) Dorian57417
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Windows 7 Loader v1.7.9 (x86 & x64)
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